Colotenango Wall Hanging II

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one of a kind


Colotenango is a community in the northwest corner of Guatemala known for its unusual geometric textile designs. These textiles are handwoven on backstrap looms and often feature warp striped base panels joined together. The panels are later covered with supplementary brocade designs woven in the soumak style. The geometric designs symbolize the ancient Mayan concepts of the cosmos, the four cardinal points, space and energy. 


Part of our vintage collection, this handwoven textile was used to carry candles or other fragile items during religious ceremonies. Selvedge edge at both ends. Display hanging on the wall from our ash wood textile holder or use as a runner. Avoid direct sunlight. 

  • 30" x 12.25"
  • Origin: Colotenango, Guatemala
  • Material: Cotton
  • Circa: 1970s
  • Care: Hand wash cold/dry flat

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