Mossi Throw

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one of a kind


Backstrap looms have been used since ancient times to weave narrow strips of fabric. Once the strips are sewn together the fabric is tied, stitched, clamped–or covered in a wax resist–and dipped into a dye vat. With each dip the indigo dyes the textile a deeper blue. The resist is later removed to reveal a beautiful one-of-a-kind pattern.


Part of our vintage collection, this textile was handwoven and hand dyed by the Dogon people of Mali. Soft, worn feel with some natural wear. Use as a throw, wrap, or wall hanging.

  • 52" x 36"
  • Origin: Mali
  • Material: Cotton
  • Circa: 1980s/'90s
  • Care: Gentle cycle cold/tumble dry low

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