Yesenia Huipil

$ 250.00

one of a kind


The town of Nebaj makes up one of the three points of the Ixil Triangle. The traditional weaving style of Nebaj is striking and very distinct, angular figures of animals, plants and people are brocaded together in an almost abstract way. Women typically wear a white huipil decorated in supplementary brocade, a red skirt, a twisted headdress and a shawl. 


Part of our vintage collection, this daily huipil features a hand embroidered collar symbolizing the four cardinal directions. Finished with a hanging sleeve on the back for easy display. 

  • 42" x 27.5"
  • Origin: Nebaj, Guatemala
  • Material: Cotton/rayon
  • Circa: 1980s
  • Care: Hand wash cold/dry flat


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